Trail Cart

Trail Cart

This trail cart is designed for the rigorous use of horse training or trail driving. The side entry feature makes this cart easy to enter and exit. The 48″ padded seat is designed for support and comfort. The seat suspension is 4 elliptical springs with adjustments to create a stiffer or softer riding experience.

The natural finish shafts show the beauty of real wood with durable steam-bent shafts for strength. The shafts are removable for transportation or ease of replacement. The 18″ x 25″ motorcycle wheels are designed to stand up to the punishment of extreme use. The trail cart features ¬†fenders and mud apron to keep you clean and dry when driving in adverse conditions.

This trail cart is built for your extreme usage needs, but comfortable enough to drive all day.

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  • Durable construction for a long and trouble free service
  • Side entry for ease of access
  • 4 Spring suspension with 48″ seat with padded seat back.
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Easily removable wooden shafts
  • Regular or quick hitch
  • Stable 48″ track center


Available in Mini, Pony, Horse, and Draft size. Can be equipped with 20″, 24″, or 26″ chrome spoke wheels.