Miniature Competition Cart

Miniature Competition Cart

This Miniature Competition Cart is designed for the speed obstacle class. This compact cart is 36″ wide and only 54″ long. The compact size of this cart allows for maximum movement and speed for your horse. The bucket seat is adjustable and includes a safety feature for the driver. The one of a kind stirrups are designed to be the most adjustable of any other cart on the market. You can adjust the stirrups up, or down, above the shaft, or below the shaft, inside the shaft, or outside the shaft, and you can angle them for maximum comfort and balance.

The Miniature Competition Cart is the only cart designed to allow your miniature horse to reach his true speed potential. If you want to go fast, then this is the cart for you.

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  • Durable construction for a long and trouble free service
  • 4 Spring suspension with bucket seat with safety feature
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Adjustable stirrups


Available only in Mini.