Country Estate Quality Horse Cart

Country Estate with Wooden Wheels

Country Estate Horse Carts

The Country Estate horse cart was designed from years of customer requests for a user-friendly horse cart. The cart features a side-entry design that makes it extremely simple  for the driver to get in and out. Comes equipped with a large two-person seat.

The Country Estate horse cart can be equipped to fit different horses, from miniature horses to draft horses. The shafts and wheels can be changed in a matter of minutes with only a couple wrenches. This allows you to quickly change the set up to accommodate your horse, eliminating the need for several different horse carts.

If you have different size horses or simply like to pleasure ride, this horse cart is for you.

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  • Easy side-entry design
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Removable natural ash shafts with trace holders, chrome end caps, and black vinyl trim
  • 48-inch wide cushioned seat with backrest and rail for safety
  • Seat mounted on elliptical springs to provide comfort for a softer or stiffer ride
  • Natural finished hardwood slatted basket
  • Heavy-duty chrome spoke wheels
  • Interchangeable wheels so you can use the same cart with both horses and ponies

Customize your cart with:

  • Hitchhiker – Attaches behind the main cart, giving you a 4-person articulating wagon
  • Wood Wheels – Gives your cart an antique look
  • Padded Seat Back – The cushioned seat back provides you with added back support
  • Team Pole – Allows you to drive your team comfortably
  • Sleigh Runners – Enables you to enjoy driving your horse in the winter
  • Team Hitch – also available
  • Wire Wheels – for everyday use


Available in Mini, Pony, Horse, and Draft size. Can be equipped with 20′, 24″, or 26″ chrome spoke wheels.

Cart frame is 48″X 16″x 40″ – Collapses so that it is small enough to fit in an SUV or in the living quarters of your horse trailer.